EDM Web-Based Exploration Data Management System

EDM Solutions is a software development company focused on streamlining, organizing and presenting data for a variety of geological environments. Our product, “the EDM” is a web-based data management system designed for mineral exploration, development, and mining projects. As such the EDM also supports data management for other industries utilizing similar surface, drilling, and analytical data collection processes.

Being web-based, there is no software installation required. The EDM allows maximum flexibility and utility, enabling surface and drill data to be entered on the fly from anywhere in the world, processed, and then presented in attractive, customizable user reports for all stakeholders.

The EDM has been used to manage active drill programs around the world for nearly a decade and the results are impressive. In one installation alone, the EDM resulted in a 75% reduction in manpower requirements. It is the only web-based solution for the mining industry. The EDM’s web-based nature allows real-time access to geologic and analytical data, which ensures rapid, informed decision making.

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